SAN Storage for Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI)

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure projects are starting to gain momentun and as they do, people are discovering 1 thing: VDI requires an extreme amount of IOPs from the underlying SAN storage.

Boot storms, anti-virus scans and heavy users all conspire to tax even the most robust SAN systems. The traditional way to deal with this issue has been to employ a lot of 15k rpm drives to deal with the IOPs and then a secondary, SATA tier for less demanding apps and backup.

This model is expensive both on the front-end purchase (CAPEX) as well as the operational (OPEX) side as all those drives consume power, require cooling and consume rack space.


Not anymore...

Nimble Storage's unique CASL architecture allows each of their iSCSI arrays to push a tremendous amount of IOPs in a relatively small footprint while also allowing you to store far more data than traditional SAN platforms. This greatly reduces both CAPEX and OPEX costs as you can do far more with far less.

See below where we explain how they do it. If you're doing VDI, Nimble deserves a very serious look.


  Meet Nimble Storage:


Extremely Fast
  • Flash-Hybrid and All-Flash Architecture
    • 30k+ IOPs per 4U Nimble Array
    • SSD's are used as cache, not a tier, allowing Nimble to react faster to changing IO demands.
  • A full copy of all data and Snapshots are stored on high-capacity drives in RAID-6
Extremely Efficient
  • Compression, Dedupe (all-flash models) and Variable Block Sizes reduce overall data footprint, allowing you to store far more per array.
    • Greatly reduces power/cooling costs and rack footprnt
  • Nimble's Snapshot engine is among the industry's most space-efficient so you're not wasting valuable capacity storing them.
    • Allowing to take and retain far more.
  • QoS feature allows users to optimize WAN bandwidth for Replication.
Unbeatable Value
  • All-Inclusive Feature Licensing
    • All features included in the price of the array
    • Full Suite of SAN and Host-Side Features
    • New features are a no-cost download
  • No one can match Nimble's mix of performance and usable capacity
  • Stable, budget-friendly support pricing

  Real World Impact

Nimble is a natural fit for IOPs-intensive environments such as VDI.



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  Some Nimble/VDI Customers:

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