Storage Tiering


Making sure your data is on cost and performance-appropriate storage resources is of the utmost importance these days. Delegating tiers of storage hardware based on application and user demands not only ensures your users are happy, but makes the most efficient use of your budget dollars. Why store archival-class data on expensive 15k rpm drives if it doesn't need to be there?

The software layer that facilitates this movement of data thru the tiers based on user-selected criteria (aka: HSM, ILM) is often the most important part of the equation and should be looked at very carefully to make sure it meets your needs.

Scale Datacom has extensive experience in storage tiering solutions and can work with you to make sure your data is residing on the most relevant hardware.

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  Hybrid Storage



Virtualization, specifically of desktops (VDI) is increasing the load placed on today's storage platforms. This increased IOPs load has traditionally been handled by using a large amount of high-rpm spindles which is costly and often results in buying more capacity than you need simply to get spindle count up.

A new model has emerged that combines large drives with SSDs to accelerate all data on the system. Hybrid arrays as they've become known as differ from tiering systems in that the SSDs are not used as a tier (which is often slow to react to changes in IO load) but instead system cache. This has many benefits, but the big 2 are 1) far more IOPs per $ and rack U and 2) Lower OPEX and CAPEX: you can simply do far more with far fewer physical resources.

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Disaster Recovery  

Keeping your company's data safe and online when disasters hit has historically been a very complex and costly proposition. Tape backup and restores, which can be prone to errors, are being bolstered by remote replication, WAN optimization, CDP and consolidated storage hardware to ensure that disasters don't bring you to your knees. Let us show you the new breed of DR products that are not only easy to deploy, but have a fantastic ROI.

The once daunting (and costly) task of replicating data from multiple sites is being brought to the masses in cost-effective, easy-to-use solutions. Remotely replicating point-in-time snapshots across the network for offsite storage allows for multiple recovery points and protects data from corruption as well as physical destruction.

Automated data backup from remote offices to a central location is also gaining popularity. Configuring, monitoring and managing the backup operation all takes place at the central location, greatly reducing the demands on IT personal.

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SnapShots make backup more efficient and greatly enhance your environment's uptime. They are point-in-time, image-based copies of application data, taken at a particular point in time while normal application operations and performance continue. They only take seconds to create, minimizing application disruption and deliver near instant restores since the data is in usable format and on disk.

As with most features in the storage world, many vendors offer "snapshots" but their implementations of the technology vary widely. Let us help you sift thru the marketing fluff to determine which implementation is right for your needs and budget.

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The Converged Data Center

Consolidation of data center resources onto a single, centralized platform is finally happening. The immediate benefits of this are increased flexibility in the way you allocate compute and storage recourses, the increased performance and ease of administration. Long-term benefits include cost savings both from a product and support standpoint as well as a cleaner roadmap for future expansion.

We offer solutions that are ideal data center convergence platforms from established players (Dell) and innovative new upstarts (Nutanix & Simplivity)

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VDI - Virtual Desktops

With the first wave of virtualization done on servers, organizations are now turning their attention to virtualizing their desktops. VDI implementations can be extremely IOPs-intensive and demand a lot from a storage platform. In many cases using SSD in as system cache (ie: Hybrid Storage) can help keep your user community happy even under the most crushing of boot storms.

Scale Datacom has high-performance Hybrid SAN solutions from industry innovators like Nimble Storage Tegile and Nexsan that span the gamut of feature sets, price points and performance levels.

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Legal Discovery / Compliance

Corporate governance regulations are having a huge impact on storage operations today.

Making sure that your company's data is able to be classified, searched, archived, certified and destroyed in accordance with these regulations is a daunting task. Scale Datacom offers many solutions from industry leaders to help ensure you're company is within these new guidelines and your data is managed effectively.

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Medical Imaging / Records Mini-Site

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Data Backup and Archive

As the size of hard disks grow, prices fall and acceptable windows for backup shrink, more and more organizations are turning to disk-based backup (DBB) solutions. The speed advantage of disk over tape gives it a clear advantage on both the backup and retore ends while greatly reducing backup windows. Most leading DBB vendors use byte-level data deduplication technology to store changes from backup to backup instead of storing full file copies, thus greatly reducing disk space requirements.

Another technology quickly gaining popularity is data deduplication (aka: dedupe). Data dedupe basically referes to the elimination of redundant data. In the dedupe process, duplicate data is deleted, leaving only one copy of the data to be stored. However, indexing of all data is still retained should that data ever be required. Data dedupe saves organizations money on the front end by greatly reducing the amount of disk they need for backups and on the backend end by reducing cooling costs and data center rackspace.

Scale Datacom offers DBB and Dedupe solutions from industry leaders Nexsan, Quantum, and Overland Storage

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